Can a Therapist Ever Retire? Financial Freedom for Healers

Continuing Education (Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs): 
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Friday, June 28, 2019

Can a Therapist Ever Retire? Financial Freedom for Healers

FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2019


Remedy Pharm, Torrance, CA

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 Our Mind-Body-Spirit Relationship with Money:

 - Elisabeth Crim, PhD, Licensed Psychologist


The Nuts and Bolts of Financial Retirement: Practical Financial Solutions

- Bill Hawver, Licensed Financial Advisor



Can a Therapist Ever Retire? Financial Freedom for Healers

Exploring Your Psychological Relationship with Money

Financial Transference ~ Financial Health & Wealth  

Individual-Centered~ Holistic ~ Practical Financial Solutions


Bill Hawver, License # OL61309,  Financial Advisor, CFO, Moonstone Center  Phone: 310.567.0386

Elisabeth Crim, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Certified Relax & Renew Yoga Trainer, Phone: 310.371.2800

When:  Friday, June 28, 1-3pm

Where:  Remedy Pharm   23811 HawthorneBoulevard   Torrance, CA 90505 

+ Explore Your Relationship with Money
+ Explore Financial Transference, Financial Trauma, Financial Health
+ Understand Financial Retirement Planning and Practical, Tax-Advantaged Solutions

Praise from Past Attendees:

"This workshop exceeded my expectations! The idea of understanding our relationship with money is beyond helpful.  Even if you think you already understand, Dr. Crim and Bill Hawver take it to a deeper level that is life changing." - Dr. Jennifer Kromberg, Licensed Psychologist

"Attending the workshop led by Bill and Elisabeth gave me a whole new perspective on money.  It allowed me to begin to explore how my beliefs and feelings towards it were impacting my life.  I felt much less fear and more empowered with the tools provided.  I walked away with a lot of valuable information that continues to help me to this day. I have much gratitude to Bill and Elisabeth for putting this information together and sharing it."
- Erica Gierman, MFT

Course Description:

Money. Finances. Retirement.
Reading these words, your financial transference reactions have already begun…  Even with finances, unconscious processes of attachment, and transference/countertransference may emerge powerfully. We routinely experience various forms of transference in our experience of ourselves and others in our personal and professional relationships. In this workshop, we explore financial
transference, the unconscious mind-body-spirit relational process of meaning-making based on early repetitive relational patterns. Financial transference encompasses how we make meaning of money, wealth, poverty, abundance, lack, etc.

Financial transference often contains elements of past traumas, as well as positive experiences, and early relationship attachments related to money and provision, including safety, care, and love.
It informs how we live in the present and plan for the future. One in four Americans is experiencing symptoms of financial stress that approximate PTSD (Buckwalter, 2008). Many psychologists are responding to the question, Can a therapist ever retire? with a frightened, No, a doubtful, Maybe, or a shrugged, Not now.

We will age. We are aging. We will likely need or want to retire or work less as we age.

We can approach money and retirement with financial self-care, including retirement planning,  a key component of general health and wellness. Honoring the realities of financial trauma and transference requires that we turn our empathic analytic gaze to our financial lives.

Can a therapist ever retire?
When honoring financial health in the context of safe, informed relationships, we submit that, Yes, a therapist can retire…

Educational Objectives:

1. Participants will be able to identify and discuss Financial PTSD and unconscious relational dynamics of Financial Transference as it presents for self and within relationships.

2. Participants will be able to describe and discuss 2 steps toward developing financial wellness.

3. Participants will be able to identify 2 practical Financial Solutions for Retirement available to them.

CE Credits/Units:  2 CEs (Psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, LPCs) 

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Price: $25.00
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23811 HawthorneBoulevard Torrance, CA 90505