Our Philosophy

Welcome to Moonstone Center

"The moonstone symbolises our being in its entirety. With its soft shimmer, it strengthens our emotional and subconscious aspects. The associations connected with the moonstone make it a 'lovers' stone', evoking tender feelings and safeguarding the true joys of love. It is also said that wearing a moonstone strengthens our intuition and our capacity to understand." International Gemstone Association www.gemstone.org/gem-byem/english/moonstone.html

Moonstone Center

Traditional and Complementary-Alternative Therapies Combined for Whole Person Treatment Serving Those Who Serve and Heal

Mission Statement

Moonstone Center's Mission is three-fold in its intention: Psychotherapy, Wellness, and Professional Development. Moonstone Center is devoted to the Holistic Treatment of individuals, couples, families, and groups, valuing the person as a whole being in their entirety, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Relationally. Moonstone Center is committed to its fellow health care professionals, serving those who serve and heal through relevant and dynamic continuing education, consultation and professional networking in the context of self-care.


Moonstone Center's philosophy is grounded in the psychological and spiritual orientation of its founder, Dr. Elisabeth Crim, a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Relax and Renew Yoga Trainer with a PhD in Psychology and a Master's degree in Theology. Dr. Crim and Moonstone Center's philosophy is based in a thoughtful integration of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Christian, Yogic, and Source Spirituality and both Western and Eastern Philosophical and Scientific understandings of Body, Mind, and Emotion. Moonstone Center views individuals as mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational beings. Human Beings have physiological, neurological, and energy systems that express as breath, movement, emotion, and sensation and that interface both intra-psychically and interpersonally. Dr. Crim and Moonstone Center's Philosophy is that human beings are integrally connected within and without and that for individuals to achieve true wellness and live a fulfilled life, treatment must value and attend to the individual, couple or family as a whole and complex relational being . Moonstone Center's concept of wellness as wholeness may or may not include complete resolve of expressed symptoms, but can result in balanced and fulfilled living with self, other and the individual's Divine Source. Wellness is understood as a thoughtful, compassionate and ever-evolving relational lifestyle, not as a one time achievement.

Moonstone Center and Spirituality/Religion

Moonstone Center values the spirit and spirituality of each individual. Each person's religious heritage and understanding of spirituality is honored, accepting that one's spirituality may or may not be tied to a specific religion or theology and that as individuals develop over the lifespan, their understanding of spirituality and/or religion often changes. Moonstone Center values what has long been known and valued in many religious and spiritual settings, including some Christian, Hindu and Buddhist, that body, mind, and spirit must be valued, honored, and treated together for true, whole health to occur. Whether people come by Church, Synagogue, Buddhist temple or Yoga studio, by The Secret, Wayne Dyer, or Joel Osteen, whether they are seeking God, a Higher Power, their Divine Self, their Spiritual Source or simply an energy beyond themselves, Moonstone Center will respect their journey.

Moonstone Center in Practice

Moonstone Center is a network of independent professionals from various traditional, Western and complementary-alternative, Eastern treatment disciplines. Moonstone Center values the knowledge and training of each of the separate disciplines that specialize in the different aspects of being human. Moonstone Center approaches treatment of the whole individual by forming powerful and effective collaborative treatment teams of multi-disciplinary and traditional and complementary-alternative professionals who communicate, integrate and team together to allow for balance, integration, and restoration of the individual in order to achieve true and complete healing and wellness. Moonstone Center values the increased collective power of the team intervention over individualized approaches. The Moonstone Center Treatment Team network of professionals may include but is not limited to: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Acupuncture, Psychiatry, Nutrition Counseling. Committed to the concept of attending to the individual holistically through development of collaborative treatment teams, Moonstone Center's network of professionals may expand the treatment team to incorporate other professionals on a case by case basis (for example, physicians, physical therapists, ministers, etc.)

Holistic Treatment Services

Moonstone Center understands and is committed to those who seek out health, wellness and restoration. Services to clients and patients are rooted in psychodynamic psychotherapy as a route to attending to relational health. Services are rooted in a treatment team of traditional western and eastern complementary-alternative therapies to achieve wellness. Moonstone Center will meet with individuals, couples, families, and groups, regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural background, education, religious or spiritual orientation on a case by case basis for purposes of providing clinical evaluation, treatment recommendations, and either treatment and /or appropriate referrals.

Health Care Professionals

Moonstone Center's mission is three-fold in identifying psychotherapy, wellness, and professional development. Services for Health Care Professionals include consultation, psychotherapy, and networking and continuing education events. Dr. Crim and Moonstone Center produce dynamic and relevant continuing education and consultation in the context of self-care, host meaningful networking opportunities, and actively attend to issues of compassion fatigue, burn-out, and vicarious trauma that healers of all disciplines and orientations may find themselves suffering over the course of their professional journey. Attending to and Restoring the Healer is at the heart of Moonstone's mission.

Speakers, Authors, Events

Moonstone Center's mission to serve fellow Healers through producing dynamic and relevant continuing education to fellow Health Care Professionals includes producing events showcasing noteworthy and engaging authors and speakers who fit within Moonstone Center's philosophy as well as related events that are of importance to fellow Healers. These events include but are not limited to Continuing Education Events, Book Launches, and Professional Networking events. Moonstone Center has a designated Events Production Department and Manager to help facilitate and meet this goal successfully.